JapanToday – A One-Stop Location for Japan News

By Dominique Flemings

I have always enjoyed newspapers. Even as a young and illiterate three year old, I was known to take the newspaper out of my father’s hands and spread it out on the floor to guffaw at the cartoons. As I aged (and became more proficient at reading), my interests expanded to the current event stories, political columns, arts sections (of course) and so on. The multi-faceted nature of newspapers quickly became one of the reasons behind my enjoying them so (though they tend to clash with almost all interior design schemes).

My attraction to such variety might also explain why I rather enjoyed the website, JapanToday. The news website is a syndicate of articles that provides stories on all things Japan. Like a good newspaper, JapanToday offers a wide variety of quality articles on a multitude of topics – and, like with a good newspaper, you’re liable to spend an hour pouring over it. There’s certainly a good excuse to spend an hour, or at least a few minutes, going over the headlines on the website’s page. With so many stories, there’s something for everyone – politics, economics, technology, and sports are all covered in stories that are posted hourly to the site.

If some of the news stories seem familiar, it’s most likely because you saw links to them in a previous website we reviewed, GaijinPot. The two sites are actually owned by the same company, GPlusMedia, so it makes sense that the two share some content. Unlike GaijinPot, however, JapanToday is a site dedicated to purely news and current events, rather than culture or services related to living in Japan.

JapanToday, like quite a few popular news websites, allows users with accounts to comment on stories, adding another dimension to each particular article. Sometimes, the ensuing discussion can prove just as informative (or entertaining) as the original article itself. The discussions on JapanToday, as well as the forums there, are far tamer than those of GaijinPot – though this is not without exception. For the most part, commenting can be done in peace in all but the most vitriolic dialogues, without worrying about the impending retribution of a member with an opposite opinion.

JapanToday is nothing ground-breaking, as far as news services go, but it is certainly a well-built website that would prove useful if you’re looking for a good online news service to peruse with plenty of emphasis on Japan. While I still enjoy a physical newspaper, JapanToday is a suitable replacement if you’re looking for the same variety of information and quality of article, but in digital form. Thumbs-up to this website.

– D.F.


~ by Japan Blog Review on August 13, 2010.

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