Japan it UP! – Been There, Done That

By Sergio Lombardi and Dominique Flemings

We all remember when we first moved to Japan. Confusion was a part of everyday living. Fortunately, both of the blogmasters here at The Japan Blog Review had very knowledgeable friends who not only helped acquaint us with the culture, but did it with a bit of humor to keep us sane. It certainly helped to overcome the stress of moving into a new country and starting life afresh here, and it is both of our opinions that the outcomes of our first few years in Japan would have proven quite different had we not had these acquaintances.

For those who are not so fortunate to have experienced and witty friends to help them get accustomed to Japan, there are online replacements which help fill the gap (though we recommend you getting actual friends as soon as possible). One of these virtual friends is Steve of Japanitup.com. Steve is an expat from America who moved to Japan in the spring of 2007. While his stay was supposed to be temporary, Steve became so fascinated with this country that he has stayed here for the last three years. His is an interesting experience, and his blog documents his encounters with the various aspects of Japan, and how one might deal with them.

Steve seems to never be at a loss of interesting things to blog about. His most recent post (as of this entry) documents his experience with street vendor Takoyaki, that curious treat of fried octopi in a batter that one either loves or hates. In prior posts, he answers questions about teaching English in Japan, oversized tuna, the costs of moving to Japan, etc. From the relevant to the banal, Steve has probably blogged about it at least once.

One interesting feature about this blog is the “Q&A” section. Use the “contact me” link to send in a question about life in Japan, and Steve may very well blog a reply back. While this may not be a very efficient means of getting an answer, the fact that your answer is from someone who has genuinely experienced the pandemonium of moving to Japan and making a go at it makes it worthwhile to a newcomer or someone considering moving here.

If you’re looking for a serious news source, Japanitup is the not the place to go. But then again, life isn’t always about the serious topics, and we need fun blogs like Japanitup to remind us that Japan is a fun place as well. Steve tells his experiences like one friend to another, and that’s a not a bad trait at all. Whether you’re an expatriate in your second year here or someone just moving in, we all could use that friendly someone who’s been there, done that. Thumbs up!

– S. Lombardi and D. Flemings


~ by Japan Blog Review on August 18, 2010.

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