Adrift in the Happy (and Political) Hills

By Dominique Flemings

Jeff Stewart BlogI have an impediment. At least, some of my acquaintances consider it one. Here’s my problem: I have a strange fondness for reading political commentary. I don’t know why, save I am fascinated by the political world, its quirks and its members. I love being up-to-date on all the political events (my uncanny knowledge of all recent political happenings is usually what friends use to validate claims of a psychological disorder). Perhaps it stems from my early days of newspaper reading.

However, some blogs annoy even me. The nonsensicalness that some political blogs fall into can be rather irritating, and others can get downright offensive. However, this review is not one about of those blogs, but rather, a nice gem I came across in my late night digital wanderings. The Blog is titled Adrift in the Happy Hills and is written by one Jeff Stewart. Jeff’s blogging tend to lean towards the political side, which is what first caught my attention as I stumbled across his site.

What kept my attention was the level-headedness of Jeff’s writing. No matter what his opinion was, he presents it in a well-reasoned manner with an emotional detachment that one is hard-pressed to find amongst political commentators. You’ll enjoy his commentary on various political and economic issues here in Japan, contrasted by the occasional non-political article on this or that.

What’s more is that Jeff is fun to read, which does not apply to political commentary often, good or bad. Writing certainly doesn’t have to be entertaining to be informative, but as I discovered in a particularly dull political science course in college, it certainly helps. Jeff brings some personality to subjects that can seem rather monolithic at times, and that evidences a bit of artifice on his part. His personable style of writing is refreshing after going through ten other monotone political blogs – as if anyone would even think of reading that many. *Cough*

You might not be like me and fascinated with all things political, and perhaps that’s a good thing. Regardless of your enjoyment or lack thereof of Japan’s civil and economics issues, Jeff’s site is worth giving some checking out. Thumbs up to this writer who managed to satiate my strange midnight hunger for some fine political commentary.


~ by Japan Blog Review on August 21, 2010.

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