Mmm… Japanese Snack Review

By Sergio Lombardi

People tend to think of me as a professional connoisseur of food. Perhaps it’s that Italian accent which still pervades my speech, despite spending all four years of my undergraduate college education in America. It might be my lean physique, suggesting I only eat what meets those “superior Italian standards.” It may be my ability to pick out discrete herbs in a complex dish. Whatever it is, people seem to always conclude that I have a very complex palate that sips Brunello di Montalcino throughout the day and turns to homemade bruschetta when I have the munchies.

This is often hardly the case, though I continue to let my clients have that impression of me. While I do have a sophisticated taste, there is also my culinary dark side which I reveal to few

My vice as a restaurateur is that I love snack food. Back in college, I kept a constant supply of pretzels, M&Ms, and other fine delicacies under my bed, and I may have been the biggest patron of the local market’s snack aisle. Moreover, I always enjoyed trying that strange snack which would become available at random times throughout the year. Unfortunately, in Ohio, this item rarely extended beyond flavored pork rinds. This would explain my feeling of contentment that I get here in Japan whilst strolling through the grocery store and seeing bacon-flavored pretzels or wasabi-flavored Kit-Kat bars. I keep on wondering what they’ll do next.

Unfortunately, there is such a plethora of snack foods available here that I could never hope to try them all. Fortunately, someone has – or rather, is attempting to. From the same blogger that brought you the “1000 Things About Japan” blog comes Japanese Snack Reviews In my opinion, this blog is even better than the last, though perhaps I am biased. I have to be candid, though – it truly does not get better than a large collection of reviews for so many wonderfully odd (and delicious) Japanese snacks.

Some of my personal favorites are featured, such as these delectable double cream brown sugar sembeis or the satisfying Jun Hit Choco Ice Milk Bar. But there were also some other ones I’ve never heard of and intend to go out and try, such as these Copan Italian pizza French bread crisps or this Kubota Pudding Mochi.

The reviewer’s approach to each snack is nigh scientific. You’ll know the exact weight, dimensions and caloric intake of each unit of snack, which is a little too much information for me. I’m willing to ignore this in light of the excellent reviews of each snack – by the end of your reading, you’ll have a pretty exact idea as to whether or not a snack is worth trying or not (based on how much your mouth is watering). The rating system – Very Happy Sumo, Happy Sumo, Indifferent Sumo, Unhappy Sumo and Very Unhappy Sumo is whimsical but not necessary, as the writer’s ability to accurately describe any taste or texture is excellent. Part of me wonders why she doesn’t write professional food reviews, but perhaps she is content with doing an excellent job here.

If you’ve not given Japanese snack food a chance, this site may persuade you to do so. Of course, I certainly am not advocating subsisting on snack foods. Rather, all things in moderation. As my dear Mamma said, “You have to eat supper before dessert, but don’t you dare not eat dessert!” I agree – after you’ve had your vegetables, take some time to enjoy the quirky, delicious snack foods we have here in Japan. This blog will certainly serve as a useful guide – thumbs up!

S. Lombardi


~ by Japan Blog Review on September 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mmm… Japanese Snack Review”

  1. Nice review, I have been reading this blog for about a year and I love it.

  2. I would agree with this post as when in need of some choice selections to send back home for family to sample, I use this website as a guide.

    To the reviewers-of-the-reviewer, ‘Japanblogreview’, well done on an easy to navigate website with concise commentary.

    A pleasure!

    • Hi Joey, thank you for your comments. We are still new at blogging but hope to build this blog into a valuable tool for those looking for more information on Japan. We want to help people cut to the chase for the best blogs to visit and as well as informing of those to avoid.

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