I’ll Take Two Scoops of JapanIceCream

By Sergio Lombardi

It is no secret that I absolutely enjoy food. When looking for websites to review for this post, I decided we needed to get the bad taste of that Stanford website out of our mouths – and few things are more suited to ridding one’s palate of a malignant taste than ice cream, both in the gastronomic and digital worlds. For your enjoyment today, I present the second of the food-related reviews this month, JapaneseIceCream.

I have gotten some strange stares from dinner guests I’ve hosted in my apartment, when, after serving an authentic Italian repast of risotto, scampi, bruschetta, etc., I bring out bowls of “rich milk” flavored ice cream for dessert. However, I feel that a host is justified in serving ice cream as a dessert here in Japan, and my guests almost always agree. The Japanese have turned ice cream making into an art, as well as a science. You’d think that, as an Italian, I would prefer the richer flavors of gelato; but in in my freezer, one will find one small container of gelato for those moments where my Italian blood demands it. Japanese ice cream takes up the bulk of my frozen dessert section. I can’t get enough of the stuff – and, consequently, found this blog far too good to be true.

The great thing about ice cream here in Japan is that there is no flavor too outrageous, a fact well-documented by this blog. A relative was bewildered to learn that one of my very favorite ice creams has the flavor of garlic.

Japan Ice Cream

(She, being only 50% Italian, didn’t like it as much as I. It might also be because she is a big fan of the Twilight series).

The blog covers a wide variety of ice cream flavors, some more outlandish than my beloved garlic flavor. For you seafood lovers, there’s cuttlefish flavored ice cream. And for those who tend to burn their food over campfires, charcoal flavored ice cream may suit your taste. Finally, for lovers of the Mexican cuisine: corn and queso ice cream. Interesting, to say the least.

The blog itself is done quite nicely, with a good amount of variation between the posts. Sometimes descriptions are a little fuzzy, but perhaps this arouses your curiosity more than an inclusive description of the ice cream’s flavor. What the blog lacks in descriptive narrative, it makes up for in outright breadth. I have seen some strange – indeed, bizarre – ice cream flavors, but they are all listed here, as well as ones even I’ve not stumbled across. Like the snack review blog, this blogger has done a good job of searching for new material, and I can’t wait to see what they discover next.

Making this blog all the more useful is the fact that, in addition to reviews, it also has quite a few recipes for ice cream that look delicious. Somewhere in my kitchen’s storage cabinet is an ice cream maker that I procured from a thrift store in my college days. I am tempted to break it out and attempt one of these recipes. Disappointingly enough, the website does not have a recipe for olive ice cream… I doubt I’d be able to make it with as much excellence as the folks in Shodoshima, though.

Overall, an excellent site. The problem of writing for a blog that reviews other blogs and websites is that you are constantly seeing blogs you wish you wrote for, and this is one of them. Of course, if I did write for JapaneseIceCream, the first thing I’d write about is that delightful olive-flavored variety. Since I don’t, I’ll settle for giving the blog a thumbs up.


~ by Japan Blog Review on September 19, 2010.

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