Been There, Done That… But Have You Been to

By Sergio Lombardi

The first website we reviewed at the Japan Blog Review was a site by the name of I’ll admit, when I first saw this website, I thought I’d hit some culinary pay dirt. While that website had its good qualities, I think I’ve come across one that I enjoy even more: JapanRestaurant was limited to searching for restaurants for you – Bento does this and more. Bento is a gastronomic mecca, offering not only restaurant reviews, but recipes, culinary sightseeing tours and Japanese cuisine guides as well. The website is a delight to the senses, to the point grazing through the articles might be an acceptable substitute for your lunch hour.

Since I have already made it clear throughout this blog just how much I enjoy food, I won’t repeat myself. As you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed the website and have probably spent as much time on it throughout the last few days as some folk spend on Facebook. There were a few I really enjoyed, though, that I’d recommend you visiting if you don’t have time to look the site over in full. This provides tips on matching a good bottle of sake with your favorite Western dish – quite helpful for an Italian looking to mix his favorite dishes from back home with Japanese elements. If you’re not much of a sake fan, perhaps an article on Japanese green tea might suit your palate. And if you’re the adventurous type like me and have always wanted to make a fish net with zucchini, then there you go – instructions on how to construct that design and others as well. These are just a “taste” of what Bento has to offer.
I found this site in the nick of time, it seems. I am having some guests over who are visiting from the States, and I was hoping to give them both a taste of Italia while also infusing some Japanese overtones as well. Now, I believe I have just the right sake to compliment my red sauce for the evening. I’d love to pontificate on the wonder of this website further, but the artichokes aren’t going to boil themselves.



~ by Japan Blog Review on January 24, 2011.

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