ARK – A Wonderful Organization with a Wonderful Purpose

By Dominique Flemings

I was reading this article on Breitbart earlier and decided that it was time to review the website of an organization that has been on my heart for some time. In the aftermath of the recent tsunami and earthquake, I have followed the civilian rescue and recovery operations in heartfelt earnest. I have also been concerned for the well-being of the thousands of animals who have been trapped, stranded or worse, in the debris. In the wake of a flood of biblical proportions, I feel that there is no humane society better suited to take care of the thousands of animals affected by the catastrophe than the appropriately-named ARK, or Animal Refuge Kansai.

Many of you are already aware of ARK’s mission, but for those who are not, I’ll give a brief overview. ARK is a humane society started by one of my personal heroes, Elizabeth Oliver. They take in unwanted, abused, stray or otherwise ownerless animals and nurse them back to full physical and emotional health, caring for them in every way (including vaccinations and neutering) until their eventual adoption by a good and loving home. This is especially critical in the weeks and months after a natural disaster such as the one which recently occurred, when many animals become injured and perhaps ownerless. No doubt hundreds, perhaps thousands, of animals are in dire need of ARK’s (and organizations like ARK) help at the present time.

ARK’s website makes it easy and simple to view the profiles of animals that are available for adoption, and your heartstrings will be pulled by the loveable pictures of the cats and dogs that are waiting for new homes. And you’ll be tempted to donate, which ARK makes a cinch through their website – if you have a PayPal account, you can donate in a matter of minutes. If you’re like me and have a love for all things festooned in pictures of cats and dogs, the online store makes purchasing calendars, cards, t-shirts and other items quite easy (perhaps too easy…). Best of all, the proceeds of the sale go to ARK in much the same way a donation would.

The website also links to ARK’s charming little blog, ARK Tails, which highlights the goings-on of the shelter. I feel badly for not mentioning this blog on the Japan Blog Review earlier – to be honest, it was one of the blogs I thought of when we first began reviewing blogs and websites. Nonetheless, here it is. While the blog is not as well-designed as the website (Google ads can make a mess, sometimes), the pictures alone are worth it. The blog entries range from humorous and happy to poignantly sad, but they are always worth a read.

Since my love of animals, particularly dogs, manifested itself early in my childhood, I have always been a supporter of animal rescue organizations, particularly during college when my spare time and proximity to the local humane society allowed me to actually volunteer at one. Having seen quite a few of these, I can safely say that ARK is one of the most well-run and caring of these organizations. Its dedicated volunteers and workers have a true love for each and every animal, and twenty years later, Elizabeth Oliver exhibits the same energy and vitality for her work that she seems to have had at the start. Any assistance, whether or monetary or service-based that you might be able to give them, will contribute directly to the rescue, care and adoption of many deserving animals. Thumbs up to a website that does an excellent job of showcasing the wonderful work of ARK.


~ by Japan Blog Review on April 1, 2011.

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