Happy Thanksgiving!

By Dominique Flemings

Back home in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. This became known in my family as “Canadian Thanksgiving” to differentiate from the Thanksgiving that we would celebrate with relatives in the states. My father and his brothers are and were very close; subsequently, since he was the one who lived outside of the Seattle area, we were the ones who had to pack into the station wagon and embark on a journey rivaling most transoceanic voyages in order to enjoy “American Thanksgiving.” I believe I owe my deep love of Vespas to the eons spent in that claustrophobic car, tucked somewhere between luggage and a sibling – but I digress.

Since college, I’ve predominately celebrated the American Thanksgiving, and I would daresay it is my favorite holiday outside of Christmas. An attitude of contentment is something that brightens up any day and life, and especially before the all too consumer-oriented Christmas season. Thanksgiving gets one into a proper mindset for the rest of the year, and it is simply a jolly time for friends, family and conviviality.

Sergio, of course, has quite the feast prepared, and I understand that he is working overtime as we speak (or as I write and you read) so that he can begin cooking tomorrow morning. My contribution will be a bottle of splendid Pinot Noir and dog-sitting a feisty little mutt that Sergio has taken care of the last week for a friend of his. I offered to bring two bottles of wine instead, but Sergio insisted that I take care of the little hellion.

A happy and contenting Thanksgiving to our readers – enjoy the beginning of the holiday season!

– Dom


~ by Japan Blog Review on November 23, 2011.

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