About Japan Blog Review

What the blog is about:

There are plenty of websites and blogs offering reviews out there. A little searching will find you an abundance of sites and blogs that assess restaurants, theaters, art galleries, and a great deal of other places we frequently visit – not to mention those websites that excel at assessing the worth of our esteemed politicians. In this digital day and age, the question must be asked – are websites themselves not worth reviewing? We believe they are, and to this end, we created the Japan Blog Review. Just like a well-written restaurant review might steer you away from an eatery of ill repute and point you towards a classy bistro, so we hope that this blog will help you in avoiding the websites and blogs that are a waste of your time while pointing out the ones that are helpful, informative and fun.

How the blog came to be:

Googling “Website Reviews” will bring up a host of various sites, forums, etc. that provide reviews of various websites, but nothing quite like what we wanted. First of all, the website reviews that come up seemed to be of little substance. They left you with a neat bullet point list on how useful the interface was, or how crisp the graphics were, but not what was so appealing (or repulsive) about the site itself. Secondly, a great many website review sites were in reality written by various forum members – which meant a general lack of professionalism and well-written substance in the reviews. Thirdly, there was not a single quality website we could find devoted exclusively to Japanese-based websites and blogs; the few we did come across simply didn’t please.

They say the best way to get something done is to do it yourself, so we did. Here, you’ll find informative articles that tell you more than the details – and do so with a refreshing bit of wit.

The thumbs-up/thumbs down critique:

We forewent a five-star rating system for a more simplistic thumbs up or thumbs down approach. A thumbs-up does not necessarily mean that a website or blog is perfect in every way; nor does a thumbs-down mean that a one is entirely devoid of redeeming qualities. Rather, they mean that our overall impression of the site is positive or negative. We chose this rating system because it allows us to give a clear rating (rather than an ambiguous 2.9 stars), while providing a more detailed list of our thoughts in the review itself.

Sergio Lombardi & Dominique Flemings, the blogmasters


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