The Blogmasters’ Profiles

Sergio Lombardi:

Sergio Lombardi is a thirty-eight year-old business consultant and restaurateur from Italy who makes his home in Tokyo. When he’s not consulting other restaurateurs on creating new and exciting dishes of Italia, he enjoys riding his crimson red Ducati in the countryside. Sergio came to Japan for the cuisine, culture and fast pace of living, and wants to share his own culture and culinary traditions with the people of Japan. Top on his list of goals is to open an authentic Italian coffeehouse so that the good people of Tokyo can experience a real cup of Italian coffee in a real Italian setting. He enjoys classic rock, playing the acoustic guitar, wit, and, of course, speaking in the third person.

Dominique Flemings:

I’m a twenty-seven year-old interior designer who adores earthen, mellow colors, both in work as well as life. I came to Japan for the culture and people, and while Tokyo can be more hectic than my nonchalant self would prefer, I have never regretted my decision to move here. Like Sergio, I’m keen on wheels. I mostly hop around town on my Vespa, but for longer journeys or trips with my chocolate lab, Fritz, I turn to my (newly restored) vintage VW Bug. To relax, I enjoy a good glass of wine, a romantic flick, and of course, Fritz, who enjoys running about Yoyogi Park and flirting with the female poodles. For me, life is a bit like interior decoration: finding the nuances you enjoy and capitalizing on them. It takes a bit of digging and searching, but it’s worth every second.


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